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22 Gins That Every Martini Lover Should Try

Not every gin is right for every cocktail – these bottles are the best for Martini making. 

In order to narrow down this list of top gins for Martinis, then, I had to make some serious decisions. So: I opted for a carefully measured 5:1 ratio of gin to vermouth. There is a lively debate about the proper balance of these two components, but five parts gin to one part vermouth is a solid middle ground, producing a dry drink that’s not overwhelmingly boozy.

12 New & Notable Gins from 7 Countries Around the World to Try Now

Gin is in.  Perhaps not surprisingly, gin drinkers now have an ever wider range of choices when deciding which gin to pour into their glass.

Ring in the New Year with Stylish Cocktails

After the mess caused by the weather, staying warm, taking it easy and enjoying a good cocktail sounds exactly right.


We Asked 25 Bartenders: What’s the Best Gin for Mixing Cocktails?

Whether you’re seeking a classic London Dry or a modern style infused with local botanicals, choosing the ideal gin for cocktails such as the Negroni or Gin & Tonic can be a mind-numbing exercise. With so many wonderful gin cocktails waiting to be shaken up at home, how does one decide on just one ultimate bottle?

To help take out the guesswork, we queried drink experts on the best mixing gins.


7 Creative Gin Christmas Cocktails to Sip This Holiday Season

It’s time to start welcoming in the holiday spirit! These Christmas cocktails marry our favorite juniper spirit with festive flavors such as chocolate, mulled wine, bright citrus, Champagne and more.

Grab your cocktail shaker and start a Christmas song playlist — let’s get mixing!

The Rose Milk Tea Cocktail by ATIAN Gin

While most warm cocktails tend to favor whiskey or rum, the delicate botanical flavors of a premium gin make an unexpected – and delicious – hot serve.

#DishHitlist: Pinktober Specials, National Pasta Day, and New Fall Dishes

With restaurants offering new fall menus and limited-time dishes and cocktails in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October is full of opportunities…


Exploring a New Side of Africa, as the Continent’s First Wave of Gins Reaches America

South Africa­–based ATIAN, for example, features fynbos (Afrikaans for “fine plants”), native plants of the country’s Cape Floral Kingdom, including rooibos, licorice, and buchu. “It’s the smallest of the six floral kingdoms, but it’s the most biodiverse so we thought it was important to have the botanicals that came from there as part of our recipe,” says founder Brett Schmulian. ATIAN’s name is a portmanteau of Atlantic and Indian, nodding to the two oceans that meet at the region’s edge.


ATIAN Rose Gin Announces Month-Long Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness

Imbibers can support the cause by drinking pink at top bars and restaurants around South Florida, with the brand donating $1 for every ATIAN cocktail sold through October at venues including Beaker & Gray, BleauBar at Fontainebleau, Louie Bossi’s, Sweet Liberty and more (see Appendix for full list).

ATIAN will also donate $3 for each bottle purchased online here throughout October, with shipping to 40 states. 

25 South Florida Restaurants Making Donations For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You might notice an extra bit of pink here and there this month, and that’s for good reason—October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

ATIAN Rose Gin Announces Month-Long Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness

ATIAN Rose Gin announces a campaign for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in partnership with the Dolphins Challenge Cancer.


Drink Pink for a Cause with ATIAN & Dolphins Challenge Cancer

ATIAN Rose Gin Fundraises all Month-Long for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Imbibers can support the cause by drinking pink at top bars and restaurants around South Florida. The brand is donating $1 for every ATIAN cocktail sold through October at venues including Beaker & Gray, BleauBar at Fontainebleau, Louie Bossi’s, Sweet Liberty, and more.

The Rose Milk Tea by ATIAN Gin

Cocktail of the Week: Vibrant botanicals combine with fragrant rose tea is this warming hot cocktail.

International Gin and Tonic Day Celebrations: 7 Must-Try Twists on the Classic Cocktail

It’s International Gin and Tonic Day and there’s no better excuse to whip up a bunch of mixed drinks than a holiday that literally wants you to do just that.


Seven Cool New Ways To Make A Gin And Tonic

Summer’s classic cocktail is the gin & tonic—fizzy and cold it hits the spot on a hot summer afternoon. While it may be one of the easiest to prepare, there are some clever yet simple riffs you can apply to mix things up a bit. For starters, the abundance of new gins on the market make it easy to change flavor profiles—with offerings that showcase botanicals from South Africa to coastal gins that bring a briny vibe. You can also consider changing up the type of tonic and tossing in a unique simple syrup as long as the essence is the same—a big ice-filled glass of gin-laced tonic.


Atian Gin celebrating South African flora launches in US

New gin brand Atian is bringing the flavours of South Africa to drinkers in the US.

The vapour-distilled dry gin includes 13 botanicals from South Africa including rooibos, buchu (a native shrub with medicinal properties), cubeb, African ginger, almond, rose geranium, coriander, lemon and liquorice.

Atian’s producers say the gin is inspired by “the connection formed between two sides of the world”, between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and that it “offers an authentic glimpse into South Africa’s incredible flora”.

ATIAN Rose Gin Now Available in Select US Markets

ATIAN is a vapor distilled, super-premium gin infused with 13 hand-picked botanicals from South Africa.

Seven cool new ways to make a gin and tonic

South Africa Atian Rose Gin offers a chance to sample plants from a distinct floral kingdom.

Rose Vapor-Distilled Gin

ATIAN is a vapor-distilled premium gin that uses notes from 13 South African botanicals, transporting you to the beautiful tropics of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The versatile spirit is crafted with Rooibos, licorice plant, buchu, juniper, cubeb, cardamom, and more. The beverage can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or even as a mixer for a cocktail. ATIAN is measured at 43% ABV and contains no added sugars. ATIAN prides itself on having a high degree of quality over quantity, discarding any distilled spirits that do not meet its top-notch standards.

ATIAN strongly believes in preserving nature, partnering with non-profit organization FynbosLIFE to protect local plant species through education and rehabilitation.


ATIAN Gin Now Available in U.S.

Now available in select U.S. markets, ATIAN is a vapor distilled gin infused with 13 hand-picked botanicals from South Africa. Inspired by the connection formed between two sides of the world, ATIAN transports you to where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, a place with a rich history in spice trading where collaboration forges opportunity and history inspires craft.

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