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Gin Forward

Inspired by the past. Crafted for today. Best paired with an adventurous spirit.

Where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet, a superior rose gin is born.

ATIAN’s story begins in South Africa’s remote landscapes. Sharing an endless passion for exploring, the founders took the road less travelled to discover the region’s astounding diversity and cultural heritage.

Journey with us to a place routed in trade. Here, collaboration forges opportunity and history inspires our unique craft South African gin.

Premium, locally-sourced, vapor-distilled rose gin handcrafted in small batches


Natural Wild Botanicals

Spotlighting our premium natural ingredients, every bottle is infused with 13 different botanicals thoughtfully sourced from the Floral Kingdom of South Africa.

The blend of crisp citrus, gentle rose and delicate fynbos offer an authentic glimpse into South Africa’s incredible flora, evoking a sense of adventure that begs to be shared.

At the core of ATIAN is a deep-rooted connection to nature.

herb decor
herb decor


Preserving the natural beauty of this sacred land is deep-rooted within everything we do. Using renewable methods and the power of conservation education will always be what we believe in.

As a fynbos neutral independent craft distillery, all of our botanicals are forged by hand and fynbos is replanted for every bottle created.

Recent Accolades

ATIAN is proud to receive the 2022 Gold Medal from the Beverage Testing Institute, the 2022 SIP Awards Platinum Medal for Bottle Design, and the 2022 SIP Awards Gold Medal for Flavor.

LUMO Awards 2022
Gold Medal Atian Rose Gin
gold sip awards 2022
platinum sip awards 2022
SA Craft Gin Awards
Womens Wine Spirits Awards 2023

Our TIPS for the perfect MiX

Our Rose gin will entice and excite your senses as you enjoy it straight, over ice, or mixed into creatively crafted cocktails.

Our TIPS for the perfect Mix

Our Rose gin will entice and excite your senses as you enjoy it straight, over ice, or mixed into creatively crafted cocktails.

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Cape Town

8 p.m.

September 1st

Casa Chameleon

Costa Rica

1 p.m.

September 15th

THesis Miami


5 p.m.

October 1st

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