ATIAN Rose Gin


Three Reasons Why ATIAN Rose Gin is One of The Most Unique Craft Gins in The US

Launched in May of 2022, ATIAN Rose Gin is quickly making its mark on the US market. Within two short weeks of the craft gin’s debut, the founders of ATIAN are honored to be collecting accolades so soon from The Beverage Tasting Institute and SIP Awards. Read on to learn what makes this elegant spirit infused with South African history and flavor different from the rest.


Infused with Handpicked Botanicals

Each bottle of ATIAN is crafted with premium, handpicked botanicals from South Africa’s Cape Floristic Region, one of the six most biodiverse kingdoms globally. The robust flavors of South African foraged fynbos, such as Rooibos, Buchu, Rose Hips, and Juniper, provide enough savor to prevent the need for adding any sugars to the mix – for a truly authentic spirit.

The local fynbos-rich fields carry a rich history of trade practices, connection to nature, sustainable customs, and health consciousness. The fresh ingredients combined with a state-of-the-art vapor distillation process create a delicate, unique flavor.

ATIAN is honored to accept Gold Medals from the Beverage tasting Institute and SIP Awards for exceptionally flavored gin.

Beverage Testing Institute GOLD 2022
SIP AWARDS 2022 Gold - International Consumer Tasting

A Single Batch Gin Vapor-distilled to the Heart

ATIAN’s single batch vapor-distillation process is an ode to South African culture – preserving traditional, quality practices and incorporating wild-growing herbs into everyday life. The first distillation process occurs in a large copper pot to remove sulfates and impurities, repeating the process a second time in a five-story high compound to ensure premium standards. Quality assurance is second-to-none; only the heart of each batch continues to the next phase.

With the ethanol in its most neutral, pure form at 96.4% ABV, the infusion of delicate botanicals from South Africa’s floral kingdom begins. The vapor distillation process provides a balanced environment for essential oils and botanicals to bind seamlessly without losing natural flavor. Finally, our ATIAN Rose Gin is filtered to pristine clarity, and naturally colored with carmine, to create a rose gin unforgettable in quality, taste, and hue.


Designed with Elegance in Mind

The design of ATIAN was meticulously curated – from the bottle to the packaging. The elegant yet modern design is a statement piece fit for the contemporary adventurer, a natural rose-colored spirit that provides life to every journey. The sleek design offers an aesthetic ideal for gift giving or display on everyone’s bar top.

ATIAN is honored to accept a Platinum Medal from the SIP Awards for individual bottle design.

SIP AWARDS - Bottle Design - Platinum 2022


ATIAN premium Rose Gin tells the story of South Africa and the Cape Floristic region through its elegant flavor, high-end distillation, and design. Handcrafted and distilled for the freshest flavor possible, our Gin is best experienced rather than explained. To purchase ATIAN, click here.

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