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ATIAN’s commitment to preserving South Africa’s natural beauty is deeply rooted in everything we do.

Crafted to Conserve

At ATIAN, our mission is to share the faraway flavors of sustainably sourced South African Fynbos with the world. Our passion for preservation dates back to where ATIAN began, expansive native lands untouched and fluorescent wildflowers in abundance. We believe the creation of our gin should never be at nature’s expense so that adventurers can continue to discover its beauty for centuries to come.

As a fynbos-neutral, independent craft distillery, our botanicals are foraged by hand, and fynbos are replanted for every bottle created.


Preservation of the Cape Floral Kingdom

This region’s bountiful lowlands and mountainous ranges are home to over 8,500 fynbos species, a category of shrub-like plants containing exotic flowers and botanicals.

Due to land development and the spread of invasive species, fynbos plants of the Cape Floral Kingdom are facing endangerment. We’re committed to preserving the fynbos that makes our super-premium rose gin one of a kind.

We believe in leaving the earth how we found it. That’s why we carefully hand-forage each botanical used in our distillation process.


Cultivating Change with FynbosLIFE

ATIAN has partnered with FynbosLIFE, a non-profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa, that protects the local plant species through educational opportunities, a conservation nursery, and rehabilitation projects. We share a deep-rooted connection with the land and a passion for actively preserving its wonder.

​​We believe in the power of conservation education for all. In partnership with FynbosLIFE, we are committed to educational fynbos resources, rehabilitation projects, local wild plant cultivation, and horticultural skills training within our community.

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